Breaking off - Breaking loose - Breaking Away
A flip-book. A personal documentation. A break in different ways.

The world was beyond her, around her, in front of her. And the rapid speed with which the world changes permanently, seemed impossible for her to stick to any sort of triviality.
Divided by this random wandering every place seemed to be the same and where happened to be lost importance. On her best walks she could feel that she was nowhere.

30 days of documenting myself. Every morning. Every evening. One photography each. An accumulation of 60 images. A personal documentation about me breaking off, breaking loose and breaking away.

It’s a work about the demolition of a period of my life, the breaking off to a new purpose in life and about the change in everyday life.
Fundamental days in my life, which will take me away from something old and lead me to new destinations.

30 crucial days as a flip-book

photography, layout